Mundabor’s Weblog. Remaining Faithful Within The Chronilogical Age Of Francis: Ten Points To Learn And Share

Tradidi quod et accepi: Catholicism without Compromise

Francis is approximately to appoint more Cardinals. It’s a process that is slow of, from Cardinals that do perhaps not have confidence in Jesus but feel obliged to fake their faith to Cardinals who don’t rely on Jesus and feel obliged to demolish the faith.

The probability of getting a Tagle would be very high at this point it is fair to say that even if Francis were to die tomorrow. Or a Schoenborn. Or other CINO. Bar a Divine intervention, the demolition associated with the Church will probably carry on. Individuals like Schoenborn could be a lot more dangerous than Francis, because whilst Francis is stupid and uneducated Schoenborn is neither. We possibly may, consequently, be steering towards a phase of a lot more dangerous, because more subdued, perversion of Catholicism taking place for a rather few years.

What exactly is, therefore, a Catholic that is poor to? I recommend the annotated following:

1. Realize that God is punishing us for the madness and rebellion of Vatican II. He could be making us ingest the whole container for the poison we desired to take in. This can show us a lesson all right.

2. Resolve to reside and perish in your faith irrespective of the scale regarding the destruction. Continue Reading