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about us

Morocco Private Excursions is a family-owned tour operator and travel agency based in Morocco. With decades of experience in travel industry, we know every single corner in the country; we understand how a tour/travel should be well organized for a better holiday experience. Thus, we offer specialized tours, day trips, desert tours, night city walks, desert camps and camel ride tailored to your desire and budget.

We understand that traveling is a sort of relaxation, getting out of stress, daily routine…Therefore; we offer a collection of private tours for individuals, families, groups and students. Our private tours include a wide range of activities such as: cultural, historical, archeological, natural and honeymoon activities…

Our trips will take you to the most magical places in Morocco, across the rugged Atlas Mountains (Middle Atlas, Anti-Atlas and High Atlas), big cities to discover the daily life of locals, beaches, old fortified buildings and to the land of sand and camels where to enjoy a camel ride crossing the golden sand dunes of Sahara Desert to spend overnight in a desert camp in the middle of wild area.

So, if you are looking for a lost paradise; the kingdom of Morocco is large and mysterious enough to infinitely prolong your quest once you decide travel to Morocco. It has an exoticism all of its own.

Let us show you Morocco as we know it and love it— the places, people, the food, the history and the culture— we are anxious to share it all with you! We know Morocco as the back of our hands.

Morocco Private Excursions travel agency: your real gateway to Morocco starts here…