As a tour company with humble respectful reputation as well as long years of experience in tourism industry, we definitely believe that Morocco is a true surfing paradise. There are plenty of great surfing beaches that will fulfill your dreams and give you a fabulous surfing trip across Morocco.

In this complete guide about surfing in Morocco, we will try to include all the information you need concerning the best Morocco’s surf spots, what is the best time to surf in Morocco? Where are the best surf schools in the country?

If you are planning to be in Morocco for a couple of weeks for surf & kitesurf activities, the following list below indicates the ideal areas to provide you with unforgettable experience ever.

Surfing in Essaouira:

Travel guides and agencies always recommend Essaouira as one of the most famous destination for surf and kitesurf, so do we. It has an authentic medina; harbor and a fort build in the 18th century. Essaouira is a UNESCO World Heritage.

Essaouira has a bunch of surfing spots just right nearby the city. For beginners, it is more recommended to surf in the mornings as the waves are often smooth and quiet. In the afternoon the kite and windsurfers will take over because of the stronger winds. Besides surfing in Essaouira, there are so many things to do as exploring the town and immerse yourself among locals discovering the authentic lifestyle as well as the fascinating architecture.
The ideal location of Essaouira makes it very famous because it is too close to other surf sites. In 20 minutes, very quiet spots are to give you the best ultimate surfing experiences….

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Surfing in Agadir: 

Whether your travel to Morocco is for tourism or sport activities, Agadir has always more to offer. For sport lovers, One of Morocco’s surf sites is Agadir, a city located in the south of Morocco. It may not be the best Moroccan surf destination but it is an easily accessible and affordable destination. The city has an airport connecting it with all other major Moroccan cities. What makes Agadir one of the surfing spots is its location close to plenty of beautiful beaches that will appeal to beginner as well as experienced surfers. Besides surfing or kitesurf, the surrounding area of Agadir is mysterious enough to meet all your needs; big resorts are there for a good relaxing time, green areas, jungles and mountains. If you are short on time, Agadir should be the choice you go for.

Taghazout for surfing:

Taghazout is one of the best surfing areas in Morocco if not in the whole world. This spot receives thousands of surfers from all over the world looking for the best surf resorts. It is super easy to reach from Agadir, Essaouira or Marrakech by public transportation. As a surfer, this site ought to be included in your trip to Morocco. The great thing about Taghazout is that surf schools are very affordable; the same goes for accommodation. It is a destination for surfers because it offers all kind of surfing conditions, from soft beginner waves to heavy reef breaks for more advanced surfers. Furthermore, the little town is a nice hippie one with gorgeous cafes, stunning murals, and chilling weather almost all year around. The best time to surf in the area is from late fall to early spring. Between September and April, the swell of the waves is fantastic and the wind is ideal. During the rest of the year, the conditions are not as good as they are since a strong North-West wind blows most of the time. So, if you are looking for less crowded beaches and more affordable surf lessons it wouldn’t be a bad idea to come during the low season though. Next to Taghazout, Tamri and Imsouane villages are other surfing hubs not to miss out nor skip during your stay in the surroundings. Highly recommended.

Surfing in Imsouane:

Imsouane is a beautiful Moroccan town located right between Essaouira and Taghazout. It is among the favorite destinations in Morocco for many surfers due to its quiet and silent atmosphere. This makes it a relatively remote location with less available transportation options to get. Thus, our private vehicles are at your disposal all year around.
When it is getting colder in Europe, think of surfing in Morocco for your surf escape and forget your thick wetsuits. Morocco’s pleasant climate and exposure to the North Atlantic swells make this little village an attractive surfing destination, especially given its close proximity to Europe.

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