The company of Morocco Private Excursions is not just about the organization of tours, day trips, private excursions, Sahara Desert camps and camel trekking but our mission is beyond that. We are taking into consideration several activities to take travelers from daily life routine to enjoy life with maximum safety.

Morocco Private Excursions agency understands and knows by heart that the modern life is full of stressful situations, exhaustion from long hours and less sleep, and anxiety disorders… thus we are working hard doing our best to come up with convenient suitable yoga trips to reduce stress, blood pressure and to bring a harmony between individual’s mind and body. Morocco is a great destination across the world for all different sorts of tourism activities. Its climate diversity attracts travelers all over the world to disconnect and feel one’s inner self.

Yoga can be practiced in several quiet areas we offer, but the South of Morocco is characterized by the kindness of its local inhabitants “Berbers”. Its landscape and colors contrasts…and especially, the desert, is an iconic magic place, a haven of peace and tranquility where to practice yoga and meditation must be an unforgettable experience ever. To perform such exercises in an environment like the desert allows you to benefit from its cosmic and telluric energies. Not only this, but also the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the area are perfect for this type of activity, since it facilitates the connection of inner self with external world.

For any yoga enquiry, do contact us and we are more than happy to provide you with the most suitable suggestions.